Dear Bus, it’s not me, it’s you…


I wanted it to work, you have so many attractive qualities, you’re cheaper than my car, you’re warm as soon as I get on, I don’t have to watch for other drivers & I have quiet space to read & listen to music.

But oh God, you’re unreliable, you promise that you will turn up at a certain time & you’re 15 minutes late turning up with your mate. You can’t get where you are going on time either & that has a direct impact on my work & family life.

We could have been so good as a team, but you let me down on such a simple thing. So, for now, I’m walking (driving) away, call me when you get your act together.


Beads for the Day, From Little Seed Beads…


Food & me


My mother-in-law asked me last week if I can “eat normally again now?” now I am at my target weight. Depends what your definition of normal is, I guess. My old normal, no, never again unless I want to be essentially spherical again. How I eat now is “normal”.

Watched secret eaters for the first time randomly a couple of weeks ago. My husband couldn’t understand how you can’t notice what you’re eating. I totally identified with it, I used to be that secret eater.
I also used to smoke & it’s a similar mindset. Everyone knows that smoking is bad for you, but it doesn’t stop you taking the cigarette out of the packet, putting it in your mouth & setting fire to it.
Crisps, chocolate, butter, peanut butter, alcohol, you know that too much isn’t good for you, but there’s always “tomorrow” to change your ways. And today I need that huge bag of kettle chips & box of Lindor (my drugs of choice).

But, like smoking, eating like that takes it’s toll, and you have to give it up.

Because I am a secret eater, a cheater, a denier I needed to go to a group, I chose Slimming World, and it’s worked. I lost 4 stone.

That’s not the end of the story though, 6 months down the line I still go to weigh-in & stay for the group bit, because it’s like AA for alcoholics, a constant check & guide, & even then I have been slipping recently, so back to food diaries & thinking about what I’m eating. For without Mad-eye Moody’s “Constant Vigilance” I can easily return to my secret eater ways.

Bead of the Day – Red



Today’s bead is the focal point of an otherwise super-duper quick make. I managed to pick up the wooden & plastic beads in a Hobbycraft clearance sale a few weeks ago – I’ve wanted to make a red necklace for a while.

Originally I wanted to completely cover the big wooden bead in the seed beads, but the looping wrap doesn’t sit as well as I’d like. I’ve used this technique before, but on smaller beads. I’d like to still do it, and I’m sure I have stuff in my many books to help.  However, I’m impatient & cut the original wrapping off & started again, to produce the above – a before & after.

Once that was done, a rummage through the bits & bobs box produced the right thickness cord & following a short battle with fraying ends & the wrong cord caps I made this. So I made sure I could wear it today & have coordinated with red shoes


I’m really pleased with the mix of textures & shades, not bad for two packs of beads grabbed on the run.

Best of all I have enough beads left to make another one if anyone would like to buy it.


Thought I’d share some more info on my beadwork. At the moment they are (nearly) all unique pieces, which I wear.

Today I’m wearing my safety pin bracelet. It goes with my orange skirt – a rare moment of coordination!  These have a strong tradition in Africa, I assume as a good way to make money. I’ve made three my cousins have the other two.



I guess with practice, and maybe more than one of you, this would be a good little production line, but I found it more time & fiddling was involved than I thought.  It takes a good while to put the beads on the safety pins & I used some glue to keep them shut. However I think I’ll be taking it apart & pinching them tight closed with pliers, guess I’m lucky to have only lost one bead 😦

Also, I have the tension all wrong, they all need to lie perfectly next to each other, but I have done it too tight & some are being hidden, so this is a job for the next few weeks when I’ve done some new things that are currently fizzing in my head.

Beads of the Day

Step away from the hobby? Become “professional”?!


Jack is 2.25, a constantly upgrading version, full of words, ideas & mischief.  All requests, instructions & last-ditch-attempts are filtered through the “No!” screen – everything is on his terms, or for chocolate.

This is all you need to know about Jack:-

Leaving a cafe this weekend, having had nommy lunch with friends Jack & his big sister Amy were instructed to stand on a paving stone each, not to pass go, not to collect £200. They were very good at it.

Then Jack just slid his right foot on to the stone in front of him, looked at his daddy & slid it back.

I do not envy his future teachers.

Introducing Jack